Financial Findings Podcast

The Financial Findings Podcast is a series devleoped by the UW RDRC that features interviews with researchers about household finance, financial security, and retirement and disability research and the implications for policy, practice, and relevance for the general public. The podcast series is hosted by Jonathon Ferguson .

Episode 7: Interview with Dr. Yvonne Hampton | Spring 2024
In this episode we meet and interview Dr. Yvonne Hampton. Dr. Hampton is a Research Fellow at the University of Wisconsin-Madison Retirement and Disability Research Center, and also serves as a Managing Health Economist at Johns Hopkins Health. Dr. Hampton's research interests include the relationship between finances and health, retirement, health insurance, and housing affordability. She holds a PhD in Human Environmental Sciences and a Master's degree in Personal Financial Planning from the University of Missouri-Columbia. Additionally, she holds a Master's degree in Economics from the University of Missouri-Kansas City, a Master's in Business from Avila University, and a BS in Economics from Kansas State University.

Episode 6: Interview with Dr. Daniel Schneider and Dr. Leah Abrams | Winter 2024
In this episode we meet and interview Dr. Daniel Schneider and Dr. Leah Abrams. Dr. Schneider is a Professor of Sociology at the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University. He has written on class inequality in parenting, the role of economic resources in marriage, divorce, and fertility, the effects of the Great Recession, and the scope of household financial fragility. Dr. Abrams is an Assistant Professor of Community Health at the School of Arts and Sciences at Tufts University. Her research and teaching interests include social epidemiology, health policy, population aging, mortality trends, work/retirement, and mental health.
We discuss their research project titled Older Workers, Working Longer? The Role of Precarious Work.

Episode 5: Interview with Dr. Anita Mukherjee | Fall 2023
In this episode, we meet and interview Dr. Anita Mukherjee, an Associate professor in the Department of Risk & Insurance at the Wisconsin School of Business at UW-Madison. Professor Mukherjee conducts research on public policy related to prisons and the opioid crisis, and on household finance, retirement, and aging. Her research covers both the US and emerging markets. We will discuss Anita’s research project titled Set It and Forget It? Financing Retirement in an Age of Defaults .

Episode 4: Interview with Dr. Stephanie Moulton | Summer 2023
In this episode, we meet and interview Dr. Stephanie Moulton. Dr. Moulton has served as a PI on five different research projects funded through the CFS RDRC. We discuss her team's current work titled The COVID-19 Pandemic and Older Adults’ Employment and Economic Security: Insights from Earnings and Credit Panel Data.

Episode 3: Interview with Dr. Lisa Klein Vogel and Dr. Molly Costanzo | Spring 2023
In this episode, we meet and interview Dr.Klein Vogel and Dr. COstanzo. We will discuss their research project titled All in the Family: Parents of Children with Disabilities and Retirement .

Episode 2: Interview with Jill Hoiting | Spring 2023
In this episode, we meet and interview Jill Hoiting. Jill is a PHD student in the Social Welfare program at the University of Wisconsin, Madison. We discuss Jill’s research project titled I Don’t Like all of Those Fees—Pragmatism about Financial Services Among Low-Income Parents .

Episode 1: Interview with Dr. Cliff Robb | Spring 2023
In this episode, discussion centers on Dr. Cliff Robb’s research project, Enhancing Trust in the Social Security Administration and E-Government Among People Targeted by Fraud . Dr. Robb is the chair for the department of consumer science at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, and a professor in the School of Human Ecology. Dr. Robb studies consumer financial decision-making, with an emphasis on financial knowledge and capability.