Research Briefs

Research Briefs provide a visually engaging and brief format that summarizes research findings and implications for policy and practice.

FY2019 Briefs

WI19-03: Child Care for Families Raising Children with Disabilities: The Role of Federal Policy in Equitable Access
WI19-06: Debt Stress and Mortgage Borrowing in Older Age: Implications for Economic Security in Retirement
WI19-08: Incentives for Home- and Community-Based Care Under the Affordable Care Act: Implications for SSI Receipt
WI19-01: Economic Opportunity and Labor Force Participation
WI19-10: Household Debt and Financial Well-Being in Retirement
WI19-07: Housing Assistance and SSI Caseload Shifting
WI19-02: Health, Occupations, and Work at Older Ages
WI19-04: Frictions in Saving and Claiming: An Analysis of Unclaimed Retirement Accounts
WI19-09: The Impacts of Payday Loan use on the Financial Wellbeing of the OASDI and SSI beneficiaries
JSIT19-01: The Effects of Opioids on Labor Market Outcomes and Use of Social Security Disability Insurance
  • Adibah Abdulhadi
JSIT19-03: Disability and Wealth: Exploring the Liquid Asset Trajectories of SSI and SSDI Applicants
  • Madelaine L'esperance, PhD
JSIT19-04: Financial Security and Immigrants’ Legal Status: An Analysis of Net Worth in the United States
  • Josefina Flores Morales
JSIT19-05: The Impact of Social Security Eligibility on Transfers to Elderly Parents and Wealth-building among Adult Children
  • Andria Smythe, PhD
WI-IRP19-01: Effects of SNAP-Associated Work Requirements on Disability Claiming
PostDoc19-01: Taking a Longer View of Retirement Preparation: Skills in Adolescence as a Foundation for Economic Well-being at Midlife
  • Amanda Bosky
WI19-05: Short-term Disability Utilization: Evidence from Wisconsin Public Employees
PostDoc19-02: The Impact of State Income Tax Breaks for the Elderly on Income
  • Ngoc Dao
GRMF19-01: Nativity and the Exposure to Poverty in Later Life
  • Leafia Zi Ye
GRMF19-02: Short-term Disability Utilization: Evidence from Wisconsin Public Employees
  • Adibah Abdulhadi