GRMF19-01: Nativity, Retirement and Well-being


  • Leafia Zi Ye


Despite a large volume of studies on immigrants’ economic incorporation, most studies have focused on foreign-born adults at prime working age and paid little attention to those moving toward retirement. Given that the older immigrant population is expected to quadruple by 2050, it is essential to understand nativity differences in retirement well-being. This research project studies the differences in native- and foreign-born adults’ economic resources after age 50, explanations for these differences, and the implications for health in old age. This research will contribute to the growing literature on immigrants’ economic incorporation by incorporating older adults and connecting post-retirement well-being to pre-retirement earnings. This research will have policy relevance by documenting the nuances in the needs of the U.S. older immigrant population, with specific attention to the role of cohort, gender, and age at migration.


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