WI22-Q2: “The Utilization of ABLE Accounts and Other Tax-advantaged Savings Accounts: A Scoping Review



Despite facing significant barriers, individuals with disabilities persist in their efforts to achieve financial security. Recent legislation has afforded more people with disabilities the opportunity to become both savers and investors through contributions to tax-advantaged savings accounts, including ABLE accounts, that can be used to cover disability-related costs. The proposed study seeks to conduct a scoping review to provide an overview of existing literature related to the design, implementation, and outcomes of tax-advantaged savings accounts, including ABLE accounts. The objectives of this scoping review are to (1) conduct a systematic search of the published peer-reviewed and gray literature specific to tax-advantaged savings accounts, including ABLE accounts, (2) identify the types of tax-advantaged savings accounts used and describe their structures and key characteristics, (3) examine reported challenges and limitations noted in the implementation of tax-advantaged savings accounts types, and (4) synthesize key findings from the literature to inform future research.

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