WI21-02: Retirement in the Context of Intergenerational Transfers



The literature examining the motivation for and consequences of retirement has tended to focus primarily on retirees and their spouses. However, since the decision to retire is deeply rooted in extended family dynamics—especially the exchange of economic and instrumental support across generations—the standard individual and couple-based approaches may be limited. This study aims to (i) Assess the dynamic relationship between retirement and intergenerational transfers; (ii) Examine whether and how the long-term impact of retirement on the retiree’s well-being is moderated by shifting intergenerational relationships, and; (iii) Characterize heterogeneity in intergenerational transfer and retirement patterns across policy regimes via a comparative analysis of data from the US and European countries. These analyses will improve our understanding of the relationship between public and private transfers and the implication of retirement policy for the allocation of family resources.


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