Research Briefs

Research Briefs provide a visually engaging and brief format that summarizes research findings and implications for policy and practice.

FY2023 Briefs

WI23-02: Disparities by Race and Gender in SS(D)I Applications and Awards
WI23-04: "Its Hard To Know What to Expect": Parents of Children with Disabilities in Retirement
WI23-05: The Effect of Public Policies on Work Disability: A Lifecourse Perspective
WI23-06: Does Health Insurance Reduce Consumption Risk?
WI23-08: COVID-19 Health Disparities and the Economic Security of Families with Children
WI23-07: The Impacts of Racial Diferences in Economic Challenges on Housing, Wealth, and Economic Security Among OASI Benefciaries
WI23-11: Work-Related Injuries and Older Workers: Earnings, Labor Supply, Program Participation, and Retirement
WI23-12: Financial Inclusion Across the United States
WI23-13: How Does the Death of a Partner During the COVID-19 Pandemic Affect the Economic Security of the Surviving Older Adult? Evidence From Credit Panel and Labor Force Participation Data
WI23-14: Pathways into and out of Housing Insecurity and Homelessness: Relationships between Age, Public Program Use, and Housing Stability
WI23-09: Social Security Policy Design and Racial Wealth Disparities
WI23-10: Improving Financial Security for People with Disabilities: The Promise of ABLE Accounts
WI23-Q2: Social Security Beneficiary Status and Repartnering after Gray Divorce