Working Papers

Working Papers provide comprehensive information on a research project’s objectives, background, methods, and findings. Many working papers are later published in journals and books.

FY2022 Papers

WI22-01: The Effect of Childhood Public Policies on Adult Work Disability
WI22-02: Exploring Worker and Firm Characteristics that Drive Use of Accommodation for Workers with Disabilities
WI22-03: Family Proximity and Co-Residence in Retirement Heterogeneity in Residential Changes Across Older Adults’ Care Contexts
WI22-04: All in the Family: Parents of Children with Disabilities and Retirement
WI22-05: Social Security Interactions with Child Tax Credit Expansion
WI22-07: The Geography of Long-Term Care: Implications for SSI and Understanding Disparities in Living Arrangements Among Older Adults
WI22-10: Enhancing Trust in the Social Security Administration and E-Government among People Targeted by Fraud
WI22-11: Housing for SSI Recipients: Expenditures, Quality, and Trends
WI22-12: Health, Health Insurance, and Financial Security
WI22-13: Household Composition, Resource Use,and the Resilience of Older Adults Aging in Community During COVID-19
WI22-Q1: Economic Security of People with Disabilities During the Pandemic
JSIT22-01: Disability Determination, Employment Histories, and Age at First SSI Receipt
JSIT22-02: The Retirement Implications of Non-Standard Work
JSIT22-03: Employment Among Adolescent Children of SSDI Recipients
JSIT22-05: Family Caregiving at Older Ages: Implications for Adult Children by Race and Ethnicity
EMF22-01: Assessing Administrative Burden Among SSI Recipients
EMF22-02: Social Security, Retirement and Farmers--A Survey of Wisconsin Farm Owners
EMF22-03: Caregiving Arrangements for Older Adults: The Relationship between Family Characteristics and Public Benefits
  • Emily Ellis
WI22-Q3: Implications of Child Incarceration for Maternal Wealth and Labor Force Attachment
WI22-09: The COVID-19 Pandemic and Older Adults’ Employment and Economic Security: Insights from Earnings and Credit Panel Data
JSIT22-04: Does Broadband Technology Affect Social Security Applications?